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If you want to be part of the WRITING TEAM FOR 2018 or Backstage crew for 2018 please sign up for Strzlecki Showtime below.

Would you like to be involved with the writing process of our 50th year show in 2018, well sign up below....

Any further questions? Please contact Fiona Flanigan on 0402 903 391 or via email:

Additonal Information / Documents

Rehearsal dates for 2018 will be posted March 2018

NOTE: As you have or are about to sign up online, this online document replaces handing in a hard copy of a Personal Information Record - you will not be required to hand in a paper copy as well.

If you are having any troubles with signing up, please contact Fiona on 0402 903 391.

Personal Details

Your contact details, medicare, ambulance, group and working with children information etc.

Your Details
First Name *
Last Name *
Address *
Town *
State *
Postcode *
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Showtime Years of Experience

Medicare Number *
Medicare Family Seq # *
Medicare Card Expiry *

Private Health
Do you have private health insurance? *
If yes, please provide the following:
Private Health Insurer
Private Health Insurer Number
Does your private health have the following inclusions?
Ancillary Benefits Cover
Includes Hospital Cover

Ambulance Insurance Number
Do you have Ambulance cover? *
If yes, please provide the following:
Is Ambulance cover included in your private health?
Is Ambulance cover included as part of your healthcare card?
If you've answered 'No' to both of above, please provide the following:
Ambulance Insurance No.

Healthcare Card
Healthcare Number
Healthcare Letter
Healthcare Expiry

Group Details
Section *
Group *
District *
Region *
Registration # *
Leaders 'Real' Name *

Working with Children's (Only required if 18 years or over)
Working with Childrens # *
Expiry Date *

Emergency Contact

Details of the Parents/Guardians that can can be contacted during your Showtime experience.

Emergency Contact(s)
Primary Contact Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Relationship *
Address is the same as the applicants.
Address *
Town *
State *
Postcode *
Home Phone *
Work Phone
Mobile Phone

Secondary Contact Information
I wish to add a second contact.

Health Statement

If the participant suffers from any chronic or recurrent ailment, allergy or physical incapacity,
it should be disclosed so that we are aware of it.

1. Does the participant suffer from any physical or other disabilities or ailments?

2. Does the participant suffer from:
Dizzy Spells or Black Outs
Travel Sickness
Migraine Headache

3. Does the participant have any known Allergies?? ie. Penicillin, bee stings, bites,
egg, hay fever, other food, drug or other environmentally related allergy

4. Does the participant have any Medications on this activity? ie Injection/tablet/
capsules, Penicillin, Insulin, Ventolin, Epipen, other drugs

5. Analgesics
In the event of your child requiring the administration of an analgesic (eg Panadol), do you hereby consent to your child being
given the recommended child dosage of Paracetamol or Panadol?

Can Help With

Tell us what you can help us with.

I would like to be in
Cast (10 years old + *)
Back Stage Only (14 years old + *)
Writing Team (14 years old + *)

Sewing of Costumes
Scenery Painting (14 years old + *)
Props Building Team (14 years old + *)
Canteen Assistants (14 years old + *)
Back Stage Crew (14 years old + *)
Ushers / Front of House (8 years old + *)
Personnel Team Members (18 years old + *)
Catering Team
Musician (14 years old + *)
Anything need if asked
Program Sponsorship Helpers
Show Advertising
Marketing / Publicity
Writing Team
Direction Team
Choreography Team
* Minimum age requirement

Showtime Shorts

We have weekly communication newsletters sent out to Cast, Parents and Backstage Crew.

Please provide your email address for the newsletters to be sent to.

Ready to Submit

Confirm that all information provided is accurate.

For "Cast Member" applications only, I would like to attend an audition on:

Venue Address: TO BE ADVISED

I hereby authorise the leader in charge of the above activity, in circumstances where it is not possible or it is impracticable to
communicate with me, to seek for my child, such surgical, medical or dental treatment as a qualified surgeon, medical or dental
practitioner may consider to be necessary (including the transfusion of blood) and I hereby consent to such treatment.
I have read and understand the privacy notice.

Additonal Information / Documents

Rehearsal dates for 2018 will be posted March 2018